What are Major Reasons for the Immigration to Canada?

Everybody wants to be settled in advanced countries, like Canada. Because the united nations declared one of the best living country in the world.

Why not the USA, UK, Australia, NewZealand and entire Europe?

  1. First of all the Per Capita Income (per person income) of canadian people is highest.
  2. Unemployment allowances.
  3. Unlimited Job Opportunities.
  4. Established Economy. (7th largest economy of the World)
  5. Member of G8 Countries.
  6. Highest living Standard.
  7. Best Education.
  8. No racism (Genetic Differences).
  9. High life security.
  10. Natural Beauty.
  11. Best for Investment.
  12. Second largest country of the world by Area.
  13. Usually called the Land of Waterfalls and Glaciers.
  14. Multicultural Land.
  15. Advanced in IT.
  16. Low Inflation rate. (The inflation rate in Canada was 1.00 percent in June of 2010. Link)
  17. 3000 people are living Per Square Kilometer.

Author: Muhammad Idrees Jokhio,
Monitoring and Evolution Officer Sindh Coastal Development Authority. Pakistan.


M. Naveed Baig Jokhio said...

Gentleman, Please Share your Views about this also..!!

Simon Steven said...

Very useful information..keep sharing :)

M. Naveed Baig Jokhio said...

Thanks..!! i will.

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