How can you edit any website within your browser.

Hey nowadays it is possible to edit any website within your browsers..!! hehe :P

Edit current website is a bookmark let button. When you

click that button, it lets you to start editing the website.

The modified website will stay until you press the refresh button. It is very
useful when you want to take a print screen of certain website, but you want to
modify the content. Instead of edit the content through image editing software,
you can now do it within your browser.

Even you can edit my Website :'( CooOOool? yeah you can..! then what are you waiting for just go and download this plugin
. So, how to add this bookmarklet to your browser?
Simply drag this “Edit current website” and drop it to your browser’s toolbar.


The Alim 6.0


The Alim 6.0

File Size:534 MB

The Alim is a unique and exciting educational software product that makes learning about Islam fun and interesting for the whole family! Experience the wonder of the Quran and Hadith without spending hours poring through thousands of pages in dozens of books. Quickly go to any book, any subject, any page in seconds and with only a few mouse clicks. Search for any word, phrase, person, hadith narrator, subject, or idea and acquire Islamic knowledge easily. The Alim is an indispensable tool that no Muslim family should be without.

Instructions to download: 
 This program is a nrg file so once downloaded you will need to burn it on cd as an image using Nero and then install it on your computer with the cd.

Download Link:
 Click Here

Note: You Need Ahead Nero Software,as because the file Alim.nrg is Image so after Download Completes Double Click on Alim.nrg and place CD in Cd-ROM and then Burn the CD u will get Content Installed on CD
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