How to manually insert a Google Adsense code into your blog/webpage

1. Sign up for Google Adsense account 
2. Read the Policies Carefully, so that you can prevent from being banned by Google.
3. Check your Website/Blog. Whether your content complies to the policies of Google Adsense or not. And know your HTML place to add Google adsense.
4. Now you have to just place the Adsense code in your HTML page, by going through Google Adsense and Log in.

How to Add Google Adsense To Your Blogger (Blogspot) Page/Blog

Things You'll Need:
-A Blogger Account 

Now Follow the Steps OR Watch the Video Below:

  1. Log into your Blogger account.
  2. In the "Manage Your Blogs" Section there should be three choices - Posts, Settings, Layout. Choose "Layout."
  3. There are many places where it says "Add A Page Element." Click that.
  4. A pop-up box will come up and Click the "Adsense." option there.
  5. From there you can sign in using your Adsense account and choose what color and type of ads you want to add to your blog.

watch this video

How to Use Classic Blogger Template (HTML)

Simply Follow the steps and see also figure below for the ease.
  1. Login to Blogger with your Google account.
  2. On your Dashboard choose blog you want to edit, Click on Layout, you’ll go direct to Template tab where blog you want to Edit.
  3. Click Template tab of your blog then click "Edit HTML" as in fig:.
  4. Scroll down to the end of page and click "Revert to Classic Template".
  5. Click on SAVE TEMPLATE and you are done!. 
Your are done cheers  :--)

    How to Use a Custom Template in Blogger

    If you are using Blogger. and not happy with the default templates and want to give a professional look to your blog, then you must first change the template.
    • It contains two steps.
    1.  Backup Your Template.
    2. Upload New One.
    STEP 1:
    Follow the steps to backup the template.

    1. Log into Blogger (You are at Dashboard)
    2. Click on the Layout link.
    3. Now you will see a page similar to this:
    4. Now click "Edit" on the widgets and backup their contents (save in the notepad file on your computer).
    5.  Click on the "Edit HTML" link above up on the menu.
    6. Now in this new page, click on "Download Full Template" (This is done to back up the template, in case you want to revert back to your present template)

    STEP 2:

    Follow the following steps to upload the template:

    1. Download a Professional looking template from
    2. Unzip the file.
    3. Now you have to upload the template to blogger, by going to- Edit HTML> Browse> Upload.
    4. Now restore your widgets from notepad to blogger.
    that's it, now you have the same blog, with no change in content but a complete new look :)

    How to create a Blog with Blogger

    I have got a huge number mails about how to create a blog with blogger. So, i think to share some helpful tips and tricks to create a Blog with Blogger.
    Follow the following easy steps:

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