How to manually insert a Google Adsense code into your blog/webpage

1. Sign up for Google Adsense account 
2. Read the Policies Carefully, so that you can prevent from being banned by Google.
3. Check your Website/Blog. Whether your content complies to the policies of Google Adsense or not. And know your HTML place to add Google adsense.
4. Now you have to just place the Adsense code in your HTML page, by going through Google Adsense and Log in.

5. Click on the Adsense Setup tab, then click Get Ads. Here you will get three choices ~ Adsense for Content, Adsense for Search, Adsense for Feeds. Click on Adsense for Content.
6. Choose your Ads Type, and also the Ads color that should blend with your site. You can also preview your Ads Contents before applying to your site. You can also assign a Channel to track the performance of your Advertisements. It is optional just click on the learn more to get help about it. Once you are done, click Continue.
7. Click submit to get the code. You have to only copy the code and paste in the HTML place of your website/blog.

Follow the images: right click and view image.
Click the Adsense Setup tab then the Adsense for Content 

Tick the Adsense Unit radio button then choose the unit you want. 

Choose the format you want for your ads. 
Choose the right color for your website. You can see the choices at the right side of the page. It's important that it blends with your website. 
After choosing a channel (optional), you can now name your unit then get the code. 
Paste the code in the body of the HTML. To find the body, just press CTRL F then type <Body>
and paste after it. You are done. Cheers


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