Beautiful, Incredible and Awesome Canada

Canada is the second largest country of the world in respect of Area, Canada situated in north of American Continent.

It is neighboring country of United States of America, many historical inhabitants lived in Canada prior to the British and French Occupants.
Canada got Freedom from UK in 1867 till 1982. Canada is a Federal, constitutional and parliamentary democratic state which contains 10 provinces and 3 States. Its Capital city is called Ottawa. (Population 30 millions)

There are two official languages spoken in Canada, is English and French. Canada is developed country in technology and Industries. Its economy depends upon Natural Resources and Trade relations with United States of America. Its currency is Canadian Dollar and it is 14 hours ahead from Pakistan.

Historical Background:
Canada means the village. The French colonies of Canada has been rehabilitated near by the river New France Santlorns, latter on they were divided into two British Colonies, their names were Upper Canada and Lower Canada. After that, they were mingled to be called the Canada (Province of British). Since, 1950 its name remained Domain of Canada, Latter on with the passage of time as Canada got freedom from British its name become only Canada.

Government System of Canada:
In Canada there is a system of Queen Elizabeth, and it serves as Queen of the Canada. The Democratic and political system of Canada is very Established. Its constitution is soul of the Canada, which depends upon many formal and informal writings. its democratic freedom exits in the constitution of Canada, which provides the basic human rights to its Nation and no any Government can do amendment by its own in the constitution of Canada. Meanwhile, temporary, amendments can be done for the period of only five years keeping the necessity of Sitution. Prime Minister is the representitive of the Canadian Government who belongs to the ruling party.
Canada has Four Largest Political Parties named:

Liberal Party, Conservative Party, New Democratic Party, and the Bloc Quebecois.

Canadian Law:
Supreme court of the Canada is the largest bench in Canada. which is final decision authority. Canadian Courts plays important role in the interpretation of Canadian Law, and they can even omit the unconstitutional paras in the Law.

Culture of Canada:
Canada is the Multicultural country which includes the English, French, Irish, Scottish, Chinese and Indian Culture. Besides this Canadian also absorbing the American and European Culture as well.

Sports Of Canada:
Ice Hockey is the national sport of Canada. It is played in Toronto, Ottawa etc in all over Canada. There are countless Ice Hockey players in the Canada as compare to whole World.
Second famous sports are Canadian Soccer, and Curling sport. Other sports includes Golf, Baseball, Soccer, Volleyball, Basket Ball etc. Nowadays Cricket is also being played in Canada due to the Pakistani and Indian People.

Education In Canada:
Literacy in Canada is 99%, and UN declared best quality education in Canada.
Kids education is Free upto A and O Level. Each province has its own educational system.
The University of Toronto is Most Famous university of Canada.

Weather in Canada:
After Russia the Canada is the Second Largest country of the world. The Canadian weather is extremely cold, many areas of the country i.e: Prairie Island (maximum -40C and minimum -5C).
There are Extreme Cold Winds and Snow Storms.
Normal Weather is at British Colombia.

Author: Muhammad Idrees Jokhio,
Monitoring and Evolution Officer Sindh Coastal Development Authority. Pakistan.


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