Some Tools you must have to make your Posts Quickly

Blogger provides to create your blog for free, and then you create your blog, think out your topic and now you want to add some posts on your blog. To do so, you need to post safely and quickly. So, today i am sharing some softwares or tools you must have to make your posts quickly and accurately..!

1. Photoshop: Every Body knows about it.

2. Photoscape: Photoscape is a fun and easy to edit images and not so heavy. It is too light version and you can edit images and add some captions over images and add shadow to them, resize, crop, rotate, and can increase and decrease brightness and much more. Download it and take a look.

3. ImageShake Uploader: Its a multiple image uploader on ImageShake Provided by them. u can also use it to increase the SEO, by adding keywords.

4. For doing offline posts there are some softwares, named: For Assistance Click Here:


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