How to Hide or Remove TOP Navbar in blogger

When i started blogging, the first task i did was to remove or hide blogger navbar from my blogger template, i was successful doing in that then i thought to share this very beautiful trick with my friends, users and my girl friends hehehe :-p LOLZzZ..
I am telling you a very and very simple way to remove navbar from your blogger template just by following these below steps.
Get Started

  1. Sign in with your blogger account.
  2. Click on the Layout and then on Edit Html.
NOTE: If you are using IE (Internet Explorer) or MOzilla Firefox, if yes, 
  1. then press Ctrl + F and search for:
  1. Paste the following code just below it.
#navbar-iframe {
display:none   } 
  1. Save your template and have fun.. Cheers  :-)
Or for easy understandings click on images..! 


Simon Steven said...

hey dude,this is very easy and step by step tutorial...i like this...

Sharing it on my social network :)

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