Useful Google Tools and Services

Useful Google Tools and Services

Google services excluding search feature. But strangely, if you choose to view all services being provided by Google from the user accounts menu, it displays a limited number of services only. So, I decided to come up with some unknown yet useful Google services and products, to get the most out of Google. Google is growing day by day and making the products, new features, The problem is the Google does not promote their product in the public, Many peoples who loves the Google don't know the services and products. I collected usefull Google tools and services for you.[via]

Google Mars : Google took all necessary photographs and informations from NASA to develop Google Mars. Google Mars provides a decent exploration of space or mars, using Google map feature. Using this service you can come to know about the elevation, infrared data and photos of Mars.
google sketchup
Google Sketchup : SketchUp is a dedicated 3D drawing tool for architects, civil engineers, designers. It works on both PC and Mac systems. This Google service has been loaded with few innovative tools to make your designs easily.
google web accelerator
Google Web Accelerator : Google’s web acceleratorhelps you in loading web pages faster by compressing data, pre-fetching of contents and using shared cached data. However, presentlyGoogle has stopped this service and users won’t be able to download it’s installation file anymore.
google code
Google App Engine : If you are a developer and want to use Google infrastructures to host your applications, files or website, you can take the benefit of Google App Engine. App Engine is designed only for coders to host their applications on Google severs, without paying anything for it. Now they have started paid hosting features also.
google website optimizer
Google Website Optimizer : Google Website Optimizer is the perfect tool for webmasters to test their websites, site contents etc. The main aim of this Google tool is to help webmasters in creating optimized and profitable advertising campaigns and make a better site.
google labs
Google Browser Sync : In order to promote Firefox, before sometime Google started browser syncservice. Using this service you can synchronize your Firefox bookmarks, saved passwords etc with Browser Sync and access them from anywhere of the world.


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